NEW BOOK — November, 2018

This is the life story of a Welsh coal miner who could not read when he was ordained at 20 years of age. He could not even pronounce English words of more than one syllable. But he credits the Holy Spirit with teaching him to read and to become an effective minister for Christ. He was ordained to be a priest, elder, seventy, apostle, and patriarch. He served 36 years as an apostle in the RLDS Church, from 1887 to 1923.

128 Pages $8.00

NEW BOOK—October, 2018

This is an excellent text for junior high through adults and a great refresher for all members of the Church.  It traces Church history from the apostasy through the lifetime of Joseph Smith III.  
109 Pages.                               $7.00


The New Testament of Ancient America

This is a 72-page booklet containing all of Third Nephi with some short introductory information, testimonies of the three and eight witnesses to the Book of Mormon, and the promise in Moroni 10.

This is designed as a missionary tool to introduce nonmembers to the Book of Mormon. It can be used by individuals or missionary groups. The only organizational name shown in the booklet is Zion Bound, Inc., the publisher of the pocket-size Book of Mormon. The text of Third Nephi is printed directly from that pocket-size book, and it is from the 1908 edition of the RLDS Book of Mormon.

This is a new resource to help believers share the truths of the Book of Mormon and the witness of Christ in America. Everyone who wants to share should carry a few of these booklets.

72 Pages  $1.00 each or  $10.00 for a packet of 11 copies


This sweet romance of Elizabeth Ann Whitmer and Oliver Cowdery had its root and growth in the young Latter Day Saint Church. The story begins in New York State and ends in Missouri.

Seen through the eyes of Elizabeth Ann—between the ages of 14 and 17—the history of the early Restoration Movement is a main focus of the romance. For this reason, excerpts of historical records are included in this booklet to add background information and authenticity for the events portrayed by the author.

May the pages of this romance bring to each reader a deeper understanding and appreciation of those stalwart Saints of yesteryear and engender within us a pronounced commitment to live in the present day and in the future as obedient servants of the Lord.

36 Pages  $3.50


Six lectures presented by Patriarch Arthur A. Oakman to the Melchisedec priesthood in 1966. 

The lectures include:
Our Spiritual Universe
A Spiritual View of History
The Holy Spirit and the Church
Gifts of the Spirit
Angelic Ministry
Toward Spiritual Endowment

You may have heard the tapes or CD. These lectures are now available as a book of 144 pages. Now you can read the text and mark up the pages for future reference and to share with friends.

144 Pages  $5.00


A silversmith works with silver. A locksmith installs locks.  A wordsmith has a way with words. Therefore, a "hymnsmith" is an expert with hymns. These descendants of Emma and Joseph Smith, Jr., have excellent claims to that designation:

Joseph Smith III, son

David Hyrum Smith, son

Frederick Madison Smith, grandson

Israel Alexander Smith, grandson 

Vida Elizabeth Smith, granddaughter

Mary Audentia Smith Anderson, granddaughter

Elbert Aoriul Smith, grandson

Alice Smith Edwards, great-granddaughter

This hymn collection is representative of their contributions to the sacred music loved by Reorganized Latter Day Saints.

Emma Smith was instructed by revelation "to make a selection of sacred hymns be had in my church; for my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me" (given July, 1830). Her selection of hymns was printed by the Church in 1835.

There is no record that either Emma or Joseph Smith actually wrote any hymns, but their posterity certainly did. They are qualified to be called HymnSmiths.

44 Pages  $3.50