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This book contains stories from 60 years ago that were published in Zion’s Hope, a Sunday school paper. They have been adapted to appeal to children today. The stories are on a second- and third-grade reading level. The book is designed for young children approaching baptism or recently baptized. Read the stories to younger children. Older readers will also enjoy them. Some people have called these stories “idealistic.” Praise the Lord!

100 pages $6.00

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100 pages $6.00

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New in June, 2019

This is the true story of the Collins family growing up during the Depression. It contains faith-building testimonies that God hears and answers prayer. And He provides for those who try to be obedient to Him. This is an excellent book to share with your friends.

75 Pages $6.00

New in April, 2019

This cookbook is based on The Word of Wisdom. The material was compiled by the women of Blue Valley Stake and first appeared as a set of 187 index cards with a metal ring.

123 Pages $8.00

New in April, 2019

A verse-by-verse commentary of 3 Nephi 4 through 13. This material is taken from the notes of Dr. Ron Turner, who taught Book of Mormon classes for many years.

144 Pages $8.00